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Camping holidays are a great low cost way of enjoying the outdoor life and yet with a surprising amount of creature comforts. It is a fact that modern tents are much easier to erect than the older frame tents of the 70's and 80's. In fact many of the tent can take less than 15 minutes to put up. They are also much lighter and smaller than their older counter parts meaning that you get to take more on holiday with you.


Tent Buyers Guide

Making sure you choose the right tent is key to getting the best holidays from it. This largely depends on what you are planning to do with your tent, how many people will be using it and your mode of travel.  If you are planning to hike or cycle then weight is key, if you have a family and are planning to use it for family holidays then size and comfort are important.There are lots of different styles of tents on the market. Our guide explains the different types of tent available

Why not use our camping equipment product and price comparison service to help you get the right tent and possible save money.

To get more information about a particular tent see our tent manufacturers directory

There are a number of places where you can pick up low cost camping equipment either new or second hand. It's worth taking a look at caravan classifieds to see if there are any tents up for sale that are of interest. You can also buy new equipment including tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear from our shop

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Unless you are part of a rally or organised camping group e.g. the scouts or guides we would always advise camping on a recognised camping site. Our directory of campsites literally contains thousands of campsites all around the UK.

Camping on farmers land or public land can be illegal without permission and is certainly not as safe as a campsite.