Camping in your back garden

If your kids need a bit of adventure this summer and you have a secure back garden then why not take them on a back garden camping trip.

Camping in your back garden will be a fun way to spend the evening and night with your kids. Providing that you have a safe garden

Get your children involved in setting up the campsite in your back garden. If it’s an option for you, you may even want to make have a BBQ in your back garden before or cook outside. Just be careful to make sure you don't do anything dangerous. Click here for some great camping recipies

If you don't have a tent or a back garden. Just spread out your sleeping bags, or even just some blankets in the living room. Turn off the TV, radio and video games and pretend you are outside.

No matter where you decide to have your home camping trip, take some time to sit together and talk. Tell stories and have a camp sing song - the kids will love it

Above all, think back about your favorite camping memories and recreate them with your kids. Do you remember any good scary stories? Are there any games you enjoyed playing? What’s your favorite card game?

Have some fun with this, enjoy your kids and create some great lasting memories.