Guide to caravan and camping clubs and associations

If you enjoy caravanning and camping and want to share your time with other likel minded people then joining a caravan club or owners club can be an ideal way of doing this. We have included a directory of clubs and associations which we believe will be of interest.

Club Summary
Caravan Club The Caravan Club, is the largest organisiation of it's type in the UK with over 1 million members representing almost 400,000 households in the UK. Members enjoy access to the largest network of privately owned, quality sites in the UK and Ireland. And, while The Club is led by the Executive Committee, each and every member is entitled to have their say at the Annual Members' Meeting.
Bailey Owners Club A club dedicated to caravanners who own Bailey Caravans.  The club does rallies and their website contains more details on joining as well as a range of other resources.
Past Times Club A club for owners of older caravans
The AAOCC Club for Avondale caravan owners
Compass Owners club Dedicated to owners of Compass Caravans
Swift Owners Club Dedicated to owners of Swift caravans
Sterling Caravan Owners Club - Northumberland, Durham & Cleveland Northumberland , Durham and Cleveland club for Sterling Caravan owners
North Staffs Caravan Club Local Caravan Club District
West Sussex District Association Local Caravan Club District
The Polar Caravan Club Polar club
The Comet Caravan Club A small friendly club with 22 rallies per year