Buying the right tent

The right tent for you will largely depend on what you want to use it for, how much space you need, how you are traveling to the campsite. We have pulled together general scenarios to help you through the decision making process. There are also a number of tent manufacturers which cater for all budgets and needs


Family Tent

This category assumes you have a family of, say, 4 or more and you are within a few hundred feet of your final camping location. It also assumes that the family will be requiring a tent for maximum comfort. Weight isn't generally a concern and most family outings do not include extreme weather conditions.

Backpacking or Light Weight Tent

It's all about weight! Even if you are sharing the load by sharing equipment with others, you still want it as light as possible. Additionally you want high quality material as you will be putting up and taking down the tent more often.

For two people, a half dome tent may be adequate enough.

Azten 2 person tents
Backpacking tents

Extreme Weather Tent

If you are going where it is cold, wet and extreme then you will want a special type of tent that is up to this type of weather. You want something that is low to the ground and doesn't bet battered by the wind. A built in groundsheet is a musty as drafts equal cold!

Extreme Weather Tents
Extreme Weather Tents

The most convenient and comfortable tents in this category are either a large dome tent or Frame tent. <shop for tents>

What to look for, in summary