Types and styles of tents

Dome Tent

The dome tent has typically been the tent of choice for backpackers and other campers where space and weight are important. There are two types of dome tents; the tunnel or half dome, which is great for backpackers or those traveling light, and the classic geodesic dome.

The dome tent provides a good deal of floor space and is extremely stable in windy weather conditions. Depending on the size of the dome tent there is usually a good deal of head space, just not as much as the Frame tent.

Vis a vis tent

Vis a Vis Tents

These are tents with sleeping compartments on either side of a living area. The basic tent can be either ridge or dome style. Most are made in lightweight nylon or polyester and can vary widely in size and price

Frame Tent

The Frame tent is popular with families who need a lot of space for people and equipment. Ideal for those into more luxury camping as opposed to back to basics. The frame tent has a lot of headroom throughout and has almost vertical walls.

The negatives to the frame tent are that they are typically heavy, pitching the tent takes longer and the height and design can be a problem if the weather is windy. The frame tent is convenient if you have a car and do not have to carry it too far.

Frame Tent

Ridge or A-Frame Tents

The Ridge tent looks an upside down V shape. It is essentially two walls that form a triangle with the ground. You may have seen old pictures of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts camping with these type of tents.

You probably won't consider this type of tent if you are camping with more than two people. Additionally, it's not a great choice if inclement weather will be a concern.