Car and Caravan Tyres

Low cost tyres for tow cars, motorhomes, campervans and caravans

The UK Tyre law states that your vehicle should be fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the specific caravan or car and that it fits the purpose the vehicle is being used for.

TyresYou must fit the correct tyres for safety making sure they are properly inflated in accordance with the recommended tyre pressure setting from your vehicle manufacturer.

The minimum legal tread depth limit for tyres in the UK is 1.6 millimetres, across the middle three quarters of the tyre tread going around the full circumference of the tyre. In respect of safety it's always recommended that you should be replacing the tyres on vehicle before you actually reach the legal UK tyre limit.

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Tyre Labeling from 1st November 2012

On 1 November 2012 a new EU law came into force in the UK which is designed to help you to make a more informed decision when you choose your new tyres for your tow car. The idea is that it will improve safety help save you money.

The EU Tyre Labelling Regulation say that every tyre manufactured after 1 July 2012 and sold in the UK must be labelled according to its performance in the following areas:

So whether you are buying an economy, mid-range or premium brand tyre, you will be able to make your decision based on facts, not just price or brand.

It will help you compare by seeing how much further you will travel if you brake in wet conditions using a budget tyre for example compared to a more expensive premium tyre.

You may want to consider ‘A’ rated wet grip tyres for your towing car as the stopping efficiency can be up to four car lengths (18 metres) shorter stopping distance than a car fitted with four ‘G’ rated wet grip tyres when travelling at 50mph.  

Car and Caravan Tyre Repairs

Is it safe to repair a caravan or car tyre after a puncture?

It depends is the short answer.  If the tyre is a few years old or quite well worn its probably worth considering getting it replaced rather than trying to get it repaired.

If you do get a tyre repaired then you should take the wheel to a reputable tyre company who will ensure that any repair is completed in line with the latest regulation.  As a rough guide only punctures that happen in the middle part of the tyre can be fixed e.g. with in the two red lines in the photo.  Damage to the edge of the tyre or in the wall of the tyre can’t be fixed.tyre

Tyres can be repaired more than once as long as the repair patches do not overlap.

Remember the last thing you want is a blow out when towing or the catastrophic consequences of such things so its imperative that any repair is done properly and in line with the regulations.

Tyron Bands

Tyron Bands are a safety device that helps to keep the tyre on the wheel in the event of a pucture.These can be fitted for less than £100 per wheel.