A guide to caravan storage

Guide to storing your caravan Caravan storage directory

There are a number of options to consider when looking to store your caravan when it is not in use.  These include:

  • Storing your caravan at home
  • Storage in an open air caravan storage site
  • Storage in an undercover storage site
  • Seasonal or annual storage on a campsite
Storage at home Caravan Security

This can be undoubtedly the cheapest form of caravan storage and it has the distinct advantage that you can keep an eye on your caravan and carry out any maintenance at a time to suite. 

The key disadvantages of this form of storage is that it can offend neighbours and could possibly breach covenants on your property.  Additionally when you use your caravan it can be a helpful clue to burglars that your home is empty when the caravan is not there.


Security is an important factor when choosing a storage site. Always check with your insurer to make sure your are covered at the site. There are a range of devices available to make your caravan more secure, our online shop provides information and buying facilities for a range of security devices.. 

Most insurance companies require a wheel clamp and hitch lock as a minimum requirements.  For a no obligation insurance quote check out the insurance section of the site.


Open Air Storage sites Storage site security

Open air storage sites can also be an effective solution to keep your caravan out of the way when you are not using it.  Prices range from around 3 per week depending where you live and the facilities e.g. some offer hard standing which is better than an open field such as the site pictured above.  Key advantages of this is that your caravan is reasonably secure whilst being generally accessible (during the summer) and reasonably prices. 

The main disadvantages of this is that your caravan is open to all the elements all year round and if something happens e.g. theft or weather damage it can be a while before you are aware.  We were made aware of a case when the wind blew a roof vent open and by the time the owner found out the caravan was seriously damaged inside.

  There are a number of measures that a caravan storage site can do to reduce the chances of your caravan being damaged or stolen, these include:

Onsite security guard or warden

Thieves hate to be seen. The simple fact of someone living in earshot can reduce the chance of your caravan being stolen or vandalised. It also makes security devised such as alarms and locks more effective as the noise generated by them or trying to remove this is off putting to a thief.


Some of the more expensive sites include CCTV coverage. Make sure that it is recorded as thieves will soon get smart to dummy cameras or CCTV that is not monitored 24hours a day 


Undercover storage Protecting your caravan from the weather

This is where caravans are stored undercover either in a warehouse or a barn.  Generally more expensive than open air storage but has the advantage of being out of harms way from the weather and arguably are more secure than open air sites.  Many facilities will actually get your caravan out for you as part of the service which can be a big advantage if you do not enjoy manoeuvring your caravan in tight spaces.







If the storage site is not a hard surfaced area like tar, concrete, it might be a good idea to do the following to protect it from the weather:

  • anchor the caravan down by driving in 4x2 ft long stakes of wood, and attach 2 2" cargo straps. The straps don't have to be under tension, just the slack taken up.  The straps are connected to the stakes and caravan chassis to reduce the risk of your caravan being turned over by the wind
    remove the wheels during winter and put on winter wheels
  • put axle stands in under the axle to give the suspension a rest, these should mounted on a concrete slab for stability.
  • The corner steadies should be wound down onto an 8" square of wood 2" thick
  • Consider purchasing a breathable caravan cover, they tend to cost a few hundred pounds but could earn their money if they prevent your caravan getting damp over the winter




Permanent siting on a caravan site
If you have a favourite site which you use on a regular basis this can be a very attractive solution.  Your caravan is permanently sited on the campsite already for use when you arrive.  Costs for this vary widely depending on the site owners.  The only downside to this type is that security on a campsite is usually not as high as a storage site.  However, there are plenty of people around so a thief is more likely to be seen.