Tyron Bands for Caravans

Caravan tyresTyron is based on the words 'tyre on' as they are designed to keep the tyre on your caravan in the event of a puncture. These are a popular safety device that can be fitted to your caravan whilst at home, on a caravan park or in the storage site. Most caravan dealers will also arrange for them to be fitted as well.

“A compound blowout can be the root cause of any number of serious accidents involving touring caravans, with the potential for a loss of towing control and vehicle collisions,” Caravan Times

When you get a puncture on a caravan it can be very dangerous as the caravan will become unstable and when the tyre starts to come off the wheel it can become very unstable indeed and the risk of an accident is much higher. The Tyron bands help keep the tyre on the wheel so that you can safely stop the vehicle without losing control.

What causes tyres to come off the wheel?

Most car and caravan wheels have a recess built into them. This recess makes fitting the tyre possible. Once the tyre is fitted and inflated the air pressure pushes the tyre to the side of the rim and creates a rigid seal. This works very well all the time the tyre is correctly inflated. However, when the tyre has a puncture it loses this rigidness and can often work its way into the recess which results in the caravan losing its tyre. With no tyre the caravan is very unstable and the risks of a nasty accident are much higher.

Tyron bands keep the 'tyre on' the vehicle

These are a device that is fitted onto the wheel after the tyre has been fitted using specialist equipment that basically helps to ensure the the caravan does not lose its tyre. They are not too expensive to get fitted to your caravan and could lsave you from having a nasty accident which could completely destroy your caravan and car (or worse).