Camping Fridges & Cool Boxes

Electric FridgeIt is important to keep your food and drink as fresh as possible when camping.  Most caravans, motorhomes and campervans will have a built in fridge that works on 12v whist on the move from the car battery, 240v when pitched up and connected to the site electrical system and a gas option for when no mains electricity is available.

There are a couple of alternative solutions for campers.  Many sites will provide a freezer pack service allowing you to change your freezer packs to keep your cool box cold.  Electric cool boxes are also very popular as they allow a cool box to run on a 12v cigar lighter socket or a 240v plug.  Some of these cool boxes also run on gas.  Its important to only run the electric cool box from your car socket for a short time when stationary as it will flatten your car battery. 

If you have the version that only runs on 12v then its possible to buy a 240vAC to 12v DC adapter so it can be run from a normal plug via a electric hook-up cable.

Inside of an electric cool boxThere are some limitations with these cool boxes:

Key advantages of the electric cool boxes are:

We have used them as an extra fridge on our camping and caravan holidays and they are a fantastic low cost solution to keeping your food and drink fresh.