Electric Hookup for Tents

Mains electric kit for tentsThere is no reason at all why electric hook ups has to be reserved for the caravanning and motorhome community. It is perfectly possible to have electric hook up in a tent.

All you need is an electrical hookup unit which are available at most camping shops or from one of the camping suppliers on the right.

What you get with a camping electric hookup unit

One, two or three 13 amp socket(s) can be provided dependent on the unit chosen. You get a distribution box with a a 10amp double pole MCB and 25amp RCD. This should be in an integral housing and physically waether proofed and protected to a minimum of IP44.

This in turn is connected to cable with a BS EN 60309-2 plug (standard campsite fitting) at the opposite end.

You should not make your own Electric Hookup Unit - you can buy them from about £50 for a single outlet or one like this is about 90.

Buy a triple mains electric kit