Beginners Guide to Caravanning

caravan and xtrailCamping and caravanning in the UK is a great experience for singles, couples or families. Whether your young or old camping and caravanning can be a great way of not only having low cost holidays but also meeting people.

Why face hours at the airports, un familiar hotel beds, dodgy food when you can bring comfortable holiday accommodation with you. You don't need to spend a fortune to get started. If you are looking to go camping on a budget we have a starter pack which costs less than £100 [more]

Caravanning is more expensive but second hand caravans can start at a few hundred pounds. However, you should probably look to spend a couple of thousand. You can of course spend up to £30,000 on a caravan which is packed full of the latest comfort and technology.

Caravanning needn't be primitive, most caravans will have hot and cold water, electric so you can run a TV and if you are a sky viewer you can even buy a mobile satellite dish allowing you to have Sky TV in your caravan.

Motor homes are more expensive and you can spend in excess £100,000 for a high spec motor caravan or RV.

We have written a few pages as a guide for people who are new to caravanning. If you are new to caravanning and would like to share your experience and learnings with other new caravanners please let us know and we will try and include your experiences on the site.

Useful information for beginners can be found at

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