Caravan & Trailer Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps for caravans or trailers is an important element to caravan security. Search and compare prices for a wide range of caravan wheel clamps


Product Description
EM4X4SS Euroclamp EM4X4SS Euroclamp


  • Easily fitted in seconds to most wheels
  • Highly developed lock, 10 pin drill and pick resistant with a million plus possible key combinations Multi fit holes, adjustable to fit varying tyre widths
  • No keys required for locking, simple snap shut lock
  • Inner and outer arms constructed from 75 x 6mm steel with reinforcing strips on inside faces for added strength
  • Inner arm protrudes deep into rear of wheel to fit between rim and brake disc/drum
  • Plastic sleeved ends to inner and outer arms to protect wheels from damage
  • Zinc plated coating to steel components
    - Weight : 6.4kg
    - To Fit Wheel Width : 280mm Max.
EM500SS Euroclamp

EM500SS Euroclamp

It fits almost any caravan, motorhome or trailer - in less than 10 seconds. This super tough model is simple to use yet very versatile and effective.

Sold Secure approved when used in conjuction with locking wheel nuts

Wheelok 'Eezi-fit' Wheel Clamp Wheelok 'Eezi-fit' Wheel Clamp

Finish : Yellow. Lock : Integral Radial Pin Camlock. Weight : 14Kgs. To Fit Tyre Widths : 175/185 x 13 Tyre and Wheel combination only. Keys Supplied : 2

Locked and unlocked by key only.

Suitable for the private security of cars and vans. 

TC100 Trailclamp

TC100 Trailclamp

Compact portable wheel clamp specially designed for small Trailers. Its simple to use with a snap-shut lock and it covers all wheel nuts.

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