Guide to caravan heaters


Most modern caravans are fitted with gas heaters.  Some are fitted with blown air features to circulate the warm air.  Caravan built since 1998/9 have started to include heaters that also work on 240v as well as LPG.This guide is based on the Trumatic S3002P which is similar to many others.  Please bear in mind this is only a guide and you should always consult the manual or a qualified caravan technician for help.

How does it work.

This schematic attempts to show the various elements that make up the caravan heating system and a typical example showing how they are installed.










Operating Controls

1. Piezo ignitor - (electric
    spark generator

  1. 2. Control knob

  2. 3. Integrated control panel for
        the blown air fan

  3. 4. Flame observation window

  4. 5  Thermostatic probe

  5. 6. Name plate



Switching on

  1. Ensure you have gas supplied to the heater buy connecting gas cylinders and opening any valves in the supply line

  2. Turn the control knob (2) to the desired setting 1 - 10 and push and hold down.  At the same time press the piezo ignitor repeatedly until a flame appears in the flame observation window

  3. Keep the control knob held down for 10 seconds and watch to ensure that the flame does not go out.

  4. Adjust the settings on the integrated control panel for the the blown air heating to ensure a even temperature through out the caravan

To switch off turn the control knob to 0

Alternatives ways to heat your caravan

A really cheap way of heating your caravan if you pay for electric hookup is a fan heater - although check that the wattage will not blow the site electrics.