Guide to motorised caravan movers

Manovering a caravan can be difficult

Manoeuvring a caravan around onto a pitch or around your driveway can be a difficult, back-breaking and sometimes dangerous job.

Caravan Motor Mover in action

The benefits

But with a motorised caravan movers fitted, shifting a caravan is as simple and effortless as pushing a button - even on muddy or sloping pitches. 

There's no danger that the unit will run away down a slope, for example.  The motorised caravan movers makes moving the caravan over uneven ground effortless.

Hitching up is less stressful too, as the caravan can be 'driven' up to the towcar under complete control.

Maximum speed is around 30cm per second. And it's not just on site that the motorised caravan movers is a major labour-saver.

Tight manovering is not a problem

Many caravans are stored on driveways where space is at a premium and the motorised caravan movers makes it easy for one person to place the caravan close to walls, hedges or trees to make theUnderside of a caravan mover most of available space - while avoiding damage to the caravan or the surroundings.

Motorised caravan movers clamps to the caravan chassis and requires no drilling, so it won't weaken the structure and can be removed when the caravan is changed

Caravan Leisure BatteryWiring is straightforward, with the power coming from the existing 12v caravan battery, which should have a capacity of at least 88Ah.


As well as the motorised caravan movers, which is suitable for caravans with rubber-in-tension suspension, there's versions designed for caravans with shock absorbers.

How they work

How a caravan motor mover works

The motorised caravan movers consists of two powerful electric motors that drive the  road wheels of the caravan via rollers. Once the drive rollers are engaged, the caravanner can manoeuvre the unit via a remote control in any direction with inch-perfect accuracy and complete safety



Where can I get one

The two main suppliers of such devices are Truma and Powrwheel.  They are available either fitted or as a DIY job from many caravan dealers or directly from the supplier