Wiring diagram for a 13 pin tow bar socket and plug

Many caravans built after 2008 have the new 13 pin connector for the electrical connections to the car. Whilst coupling up the 13pin plug to the connector takes a bit of getting used to as it requires a twist connection it does offer a few advantages.

However, many people find that they need an adapter as their car and caravan have different connections e.g. 12n & 12s on a car and a 13pin on the caravan. Don't worry, you can get an adapter.

12n wiring colours Pin Colour What it does
1 Yellow Left Indicator
2 Blue Rear fog light
3 White Earth
4 Green Right Indicator
5 Brown Right Tail Light
6 Red Brake Light
7 Black Left Tail Light
8 Pink Reversing light
9 Orange +ve from battery
10 Grey Fridge - only active when the engine is running
11 White / Black Earth for the fridge (pin 10)
12 not used Not used at present
13 White / Red -ve from battery (pin 9)


When connecting up a new socket or plug ensure that the wires are in good condition. Often, over time, moisture will get in the plugs and sockets and cause corrosion on the wires. These can cause poor connections resulting in the connected devices not working at all or not how you would expect.

The new 13pin connections are a little tricky to connect. Our video shows you how to do this