Maintenance Jobs for a Static Caravan

Static CaravanIf you own a static caravan or holiday caravan then it’s well worth doing regular maintenance to keep it in top condition.  If you rent out your holiday caravan then its even more important to keep up to date with maintenance jobs to ensure that people renting your static caravan get the best holiday experience and want to come back again.

Static Caravan Exterior Maintenance

As with any building over time you will find that your holiday caravan will get a build up of general grime and dirt building up on the walls, windows and roof.  Many static caravan walls are white or an off white colour which will result in any dirt, green or black mould showing up far more than it would do on a darker colour.  It’s pretty easy to keep the exterior of your static caravan in good condition with a bucket of soap and water, a sponge or mop.  There are a number of cleaning products that will help prevent the build-up of dirt and are well worth considering.  Some people use a pressure washer to clean the side of their caravan.  If you go down this route be careful that any water does not penetrate the wall joints as it could get inside and cause problems later.

Caravan roof and guttering systems

In the same way as a brick built building blocked gutters and leaky roofs can cause all kinds of damp issues.  Make sure that your static’s gutters are cleared regularly to prevent any blockages and ensure that you don’t get any damp problems.  When you clear out your gutters check the roof condition at the same time and get any damage promptly repaired to prevent any water ingress in to your caravan.

Gas and Electrical

There is not much work to the gas and electrical systems in your holiday caravan that can be done by an unqualified worker.  However, ensure that your electrical sockets and gas appliances are checked regularly.  One test you should do is pressing the T (Test) button on the electrical distribution board to ensure that the circuit breakers trip as they are supposed to.

Static Caravn AnchorsAnchoring

When your caravan is sited it will be anchored to the concrete slab to prevent movement etc.  Check these tether wires regularly to ensure they are in good order.  A tell-tale sign of movement can be leaky plumbing pipes.  These should also be checked regularly as raw sewage leaking under your caravan is not only unpleasant but can cause heath issues.

Caravan VerandaEntrance steps and veranda

The steps leading to the caravan should be checked on a regular basis. They are often lightly built, so rust or general wear and tear may take they toll.  The structure of a veranda should also be checked specially if its made from wood or metal as these can corrode or rot over time.  Often the structure is covered up so it can be difficult to inspect.

Windows, doors and frames

The caravan’s windows, doors and frames can be prone to weathering in the same way as any permanent building. The rubber seals should be checked regularly for any defects and be fixed before any water enters the caravan potentially causing internal damage.

Wheels and towing gear

Most static caravans are blocked up when they are sited and are not moved very often.  As such the towing gear and wheels do not require attention.  However,  keeping them greased will prolong their life and make it easier should the caravan need to be moved or re-sited

Caravan Insurance

As with all insurance its widely accepted that shopping around for a static caravan insurance quote each year will save you money.  Check that the cover offered meets your needs e.g. if you let your caravan out etc.