Elnagh Clipper 90 2005

We do not have a photograph for Elnagh Clipper 90 The Elnagh Clipper 90 was manufactured by Elnagh in 2005. This coachbuilt motor home sleeps 4 and is based on a Fiat chassis. Power is provided by a 2300 cc diesel engine.

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Elnagh Clipper 90 sizes

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Spec Metres Centremetres Feet Inches
Length 6.68m 668 cm 21.9104 ft 262.9916 "
Width 2.3m 230 cm 7.544 ft 90.551 "
Height 2.65m 265 cm 8.692 ft 104.3305 "

Elnagh Clipper 90 weights

Weight Kgs CWT (hundred weight)
Unlaiden weight 2645 kgs 52.0645253106 cwt
Payload 755 kgs 14.8615185669 cwt
Laiden weight 3400 kgs 66.9260438775 cwt

Elnagh Clipper 90 Features

Sleeping arrangements

The 2005 Elnagh Clipper 90 will sleep 4 people.

Travel arrangements

Food preparation and storage


Storage for two gas bottles

Gas storage

The Elnagh Clipper 90 has storage for 2 gas bottles. Many motorhomes use LPG to power ovens, fridges, heaters and water heaters when the motorhome is not connected to mains electricity

Example of a garage model motor home

Garage Model

This motorhome is a garage model - a garage is a great way of storing all those things that you dont want in the caravan or left outside e.g. bikes, tools etc. Some of the larger models of motorhomes that are garage models have a large enough garage for a small car. Do check your owners manual for any restrictions e.g. weights and safety

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