Caravan Handover Checklist

If you are buying a caravan from a reputable dealer they will take time to go over the caravan with you. They will take time to explain how things work. Most dealers will service the caravan before handing it over to you.

If you are buying privately or want to ensure that your hand over covers the basics then our helpful checklist will help you. We advise that you contact the dealer before leaving to collect your new caravan to ensure that it is ready and that they have time to do the handover. You might even ask them to connect the caravan to a water, gas and electric supply so you can check everything over.

When collecting your caravan you should check the following:


External Checks Check the exterior of the caravan, specially around the windows and seals. If you can have a look at the roof. Make sure that you know about any dents and that the seals are in good order and no signs of leaking.

Check that the Fridge works on Gas , 12V and Mains electrics. Check that the fire works in all modes and that the lights and plugs work ok.

Check that the caravans water heater works and that the taps produce hot and cold water

Test the circuit breaker and be sure that all is ok

Bathroom Check that the shower is working and that there are no leaks or cracks in the surround. Check that the toilet works ok.
Damp check Ask to see the last service record and place particular attention to when it was serviced and that the damp check was OK
Towing operation

Check that the hitch is ok, that the brakes work. Try and wiggle the caravan from side to side with the brake on and off to ensure that it works ok

Documentation Check that the documentation is in order and that you have any warranties etc applicable

Depending on the spec of the caravan you will want to check that all the features such as air con are in good order.