Basic Equipment for your caravan holiday

Caravan Holiday Checklist Here is a brief list of the absolute essentials for any touring caravan holiday. Itseasy to forget some of these essential items
The caravanning kit  
Caravan steady winder
there are a number on the market, they are not expensive and you can even buy attachments to fit onto your battery powered drill.
Legally you must have a number plate on the back of your caravan. It is no longer acceptable to have a bit of card wedged into the rear window of your caravan. If you don't have a correct number plate you can be stopped by the police and prosecuted. Not a great start to a holiday.
Absolutely essential if you want to avoid breaking your neck on holiday.
Legally you must have a clear view behind your vehicle. They are not expensive but again if the Police thing you are not able to see behind your caravan you could be prosecuted. They are not expensive to buy but very easily forgotton - why not leave them in the door way of your caravan when it is being stored
Again one to leave in the caravan. [buy fresh water containers}
Unless you are going to a site where you have on pitch drainage these are essential to hold any waste water from your caravanning.
Wheel Clamp and hitchlock
Don't risk being un-insured whilst you are on holiday. Even if you stop for 10 minutes at a motorway service station you should still secure your caravan. Don't lock it to the car while you are driving along as if you have an accident the emergency services may need to disconnect your caravan. Buy wheelclamps and hitch locks
Submersible Pump
Most caravans without on board water containers require the use of a submersible water pump to transfer the water from your Fresh water container to the caravan's taps and heater.
If you are planning on using a pitch with electric hookup you will need to take your own lead to connect your caravan to the campsite electrical supply.
Most modern caravans are now fitted with stabilisers. However, if you use a separate stabiliser or need to take a part with you make sure you pack it
Caravan Leisure Battery
If you are planning on going to a site with no electric or even one with electric don't forget to take your caravan leisure battery. For more info on caravan leisure batteries

Caravan Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinquisher

Dry Powder Extinguisher probably between 600g - 1Kg capacity
Most Caravans are fitted with a smoke alarm. Make sure you have a spare battery and it works. Less than £5 to replace but it could cost you your families life if you dont.
A basic first aid kit and any medication you need.