Cotswold Caravan Models

To view the caravan specifications and towing data for the  7 Cotswold caravan models please browse through the list below to find the model you are interested in and click on the link. So if you are looking for your caravan's MTPLM, MIRO, which electric socket it has, the maximum laden weight or the length and width then we have information for over 7 Cotswold caravans alone dating back over 20 years. Information is shown in both metric and imperial and you will also find some other useful information on the caravan pages.

We have tried to include as many Cotswold caravans as possible on our site but if you know the details of a caravan that is not included on our site please tell us using this form so that we can share the information with other caravanners

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1990 |
  • Cotswold Celeste 13-2 1990 ( 2 berth )
  • Cotswold Celeste 15-2 1990 ( 2 berth )
  • Cotswold Windrush 12-2 Club 1990 ( 2 berth )
  • Cotswold Windrush 13-2 Club 1990 ( 2 berth )
  • Cotswold Windrush 15-2 Club 1990 ( 2 berth )
  • Cotswold Windrush 15-4 Club 1990 ( 4 berth )
  • Cotswold Windrush Series 2 1990 ( 6 berth )
  • Please bear in mind that for some models the information is incomplete and as it is compiled through independent research and submissions it may not be accurate. Please check with the caravan manual or dealer before making any decisions based on the information shown here.