Buying a holiday caravan - FAQ

This page is aimed to help answer some of the frequently asked questions about owning a holiday or static caravan.

Static Caravans for Sale

Q. Can I loan to my family and friends?

A. The easy answer to this is Yes. All we suggest is that you make sure that the friends and relatives that use your caravan look after it.

Q. How often can we my holiday caravan?

A. It depends ...

Some parks are open all year round. Most parks are certainly open for 8 to 10 months of the year. Check with specific site owner regarding maximum length of stay restrictions. UK planning laws can restrict the amount of time the park is open or how long you can stay

Q. How long will my holiday caravan last?

A. Check with the individual parks licence/contract to establish at what age the caravan has to be replaced.

Q. How much maintenance does a holiday caravan require?

A. Modern holiday caravans are extremely well built and require little or no external maintenance as the external aluminum skin is extremely durable. Manufacturer warranties can be extended but never cover damage from wear & tear.  

Q. What if I want to sell my caravan holiday home some time in the future?

A. Most Parks will offer to resell for you, but as with all major purchases holiday caravans do depreciate so our advice would be to regard a holiday caravan as a long-term purchase. You should not consider them as an investment as it is unlikely they will increase in value

Q. How much are annual site fees?

A. Site fees will be your main cost and will vary greatly depending on facilities, location and the desirability of your chosen park.

Q. Who will insure my holiday home and its contents?

A. You will need to insure your holiday home and its contents costs start from as little as 100.00 per year. [more info on insurance]

Q. How can I finance my Holiday Home?

A. Many customers choose to spread payments for their caravan holiday home and most parks offer finance arrangements and special offers. As with any credit arrangements it is always worth shopping around for the best deal. 

Q. Can I make an income from my caravan holiday home?

A. Some holiday caravan owners choose to subsidise the cost of ownership, or make a small profit, by renting their holiday caravan home. Many parks will offer rental programs including booking and maintenance arrangements. Remember if you rent your caravan holiday home you will reduce the time you and you family have to use it, so think clearly about you priorities and why you are buying a holiday caravan.