Checking a caravan's history

The lack of legal remedy of a purchase that goes sour makes it even more important that you thoroughly check the caravan for defects prior to purchase and that you check the history of the caravan. 

A good way of doing this is to insist that the seller has the caravan serviced by an NCC approved dealer.  The service will include a damp check and will alert you to any major defects.  This may cost around 100 but is far cheaper than repairing a caravan with damp or a delaminated floor for example.

There are also companies that can tell you if the caravan is stolen or have outstanding finance.  Buying a stolen caravan can be a very expensive mistake.  When you buy anything from a caravan down to a pack of sweets you need to make sure that the seller has the right to sell it to you – this is known as having title to the goods.  The old phrase ' possession is 9/10ths of the law is complete rubbish.  If you buy a caravan from someone who does not have the legal right to sell it, they can not by definition pass ownership, or title, to you .  This means that the original owner still owns it and will be able to repossess it from you.  In the case of a stolen caravan this is likely to be an insurance company if the rightful owner has filed a claim for the theft

If the caravan has outstanding finance this can also prevents the ‘keeper’ of the caravan from selling it until the last payment is made.  The key advice here is check it out.